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Our Mission Statement

No silos

#FinTech that delivers Intelligent Diligence (ID) platforms to ensure Relevant Decisions & Efficient Actions for the Banking and Finance industries

What our platforms provide

AI-DD®: Automated Intelligent Due-Diligence

Customer Due Diligence
Know Your Customer beyond KYC

Reconcile Compliance with business performance

The first decision support solution that reveals your customer's intelligence & data networks

Diligence beyond KYC

The first decision support solution that reveals your customer's intelligence & data networks

GDPR becomes an opportunity

The first decision support solution that reveals your customer's intelligence & data networks

From intangible assets to tangible AUM

The first decision support solution that reveals your customer's intelligence & data networks

DNA Diligence & Network Amplifier
A seamless collaborative platform with 4 interoperable components that enriches and drives decision-making at the 4 stages of the customer lifecycle


For compliance

Validation of prospect considering compliance risk MIFID2 / AML-TF / OFAC

  • Customer automated review of compliance risk level evolution


For CEO & managers

Automatic segmentation of an existing customer base

  • Your data is augmented, enhanced and straightened
  • Reveals potential beyond AUM (business, networks, ...)


For bankers & experts

In-depth analysis through qualitative and quantitative indicators

  • Proprietary decision indicators (investments and proven business relationships)
  • Predictive alerts & automatic CRM update


For managers & bankers

Collaborative management for prospects and customers

  • Native KPIs, eg. automatic total cost of ownership (TCO) calculation
  • Automated dashboards for operational, management and CEO level
  • Collaborative project mode & automated alerts

Operational benefits

Compliance & Business Performance reconciled

  • Early stage automated KYP and KYC
  • Identify new clients and their potential
  • Portfolio segmentation with specific built-in indicators

Automate time-consuming tasks

  • Profiling, client reviews and clustering
  • Incorporates predictive elements

Enhance and structure collaboration

  • Between different teams within an organization
  • Between segments within a banking/financial group

Strategic benefits

Securise and retransfer customer knowledge from the banker to the bank

  • DNA transforms intangible assets into tangible AUMs
  • GDPR becomes an opportunity

Manage the allocation of quantitative and qualitative resources

  • According to client potential (beyond AUM)
  • Facilitate reallocation of client portfolios depending on the expertise of bankers and their turnover

Automated strategic reporting

  • Aggregation of operational KPIs and data
  • For all customers and prospects: compliance risks, acquisition cost and estimated NBI

Quantitative KPIs

Indicator of the client portfolio potential

Total estimate, by segment and customer

Call to action: For business development: how much to balance the effort between the inside and the outside of the customer portfolio.

Display: CEO and manager dashboards.

Recruitment potential by cooptation ®

1 customer = x close and relevant prospects

Call to action: Evaluation of the customer's network: how many leads from my customer?

Induced index: The cooptation index, very linked to the satisfaction index.

Total cost of ownership — TCO

Based on net worth valuation and proximity

Call to action: How much to spend thanks to the collaborative action plan and the estimated potential?

TCO value: Recruitment cost + management cost.

Qualitative KPIs

Native compliance index: Veegilenz ®

Automated KYP (3)

Call to action: Risk assessment early in the relationship and construction of predictive models

Investment indicator

Breakdown of involvement and
investment by sector ®

Call to action: What kind of precision in qualitative resources do we need to dedicate to the customer?

Visualization of the heritage chart

Analysis of its extent and complexity

Call to action: What is the maturity / level in the company and type of expert we dedicate?

A platform for collaborative & intelligent due-diligence

Structures and secures analysis of external investment managers

Reconcile KYC and Business performance

  • User-friendly and efficient
  • Dynamic Data Room
  • Reduced manual input : interfaced with data providers and regulators
  • Information is traced and non duplicated

Automates time-consuming recurrent tasks

  • Reduced manual input
  • Automated dashboarding and reports
  • Automatic scoring
  • Incorporates automatic KYP checks at an early stage

Increases collaboration of analysis teams

  • Steers team workload and organization
  • Project Management Mode
  • Dashboarding
  • Dynamic Alerts and notifications
  • Shared Flags and remarks

Security + privacy + compliance
•  We have no access to customer data
•  We anonymize all shared data

Private network

The customer runs apps provided by Deecision on his own servers

  • Strongly secured (disconnected from the Internet)
  • Stores and manages users data (inaccessible for Deecision)
  • Provided apps are complied for Linux, Mac and Windows

Cloud services

Provide webservices owned and developed by Deecision

  • Autheticate users and provide management tools
  • Provides business tools and 3rd party data
  • Each data shared by users is anonymize
User data
Customer data
Auth data
Business data


The customer simply provides its APIs URLs to Deecision
to let the user consume them. That's it.


Deecision takes care of users authenticity and permissions
and provides tools & session APIs.

Our approach
•  Strong belief without cognitive biases
•  Focus on collaboration (desiloization)

Mission statement

Our revolution is enabling genuine desiloization
because ...

  • We consider process in an holistic way : a firm is a system where everything is connected.
  • We noticed that for decades people are talking about customer centricity, and “desiloisation” of information, we made it.
  • We experienced that people collaborate when then are committed and bonded with relevant and interconnected contents.
  • We know that a relevant decision-making process requires to have clear index and KPI.
  • We believe profitability and quality of services are key, they are strongly linked we participate to re-engineer customer relationship process.
  • We know that customer knowledge is one of the most intangible asset we make it tangible and turn into AUM.

Pyramid of relevance needs

As relevant inputs matter for relevant output. Deecison platform are build for intelligent diligence: relevant patterns designed for efficient decision making through efficient collaboration.

People collaborate because they can share relevant content gathered in a framework build for decision making. Deecision works are inspired with Nobel prized Daniel Kahneman ones.

4 Relevant actions
3 Relevant decisions
2 Team collaboration
1 Information defragmentation

Team = eclecticism + synergy
Skills = finance + technical
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Research & Strategy

Yannick R. Grelot

CEO, founder

  • Yannick combines over 20 years of incremental innovation experiences as an entrepreneur as well as an intrapreneur.
  • The guiding thread of his experience and innovations is the consideration of customer relations as an essential element of intangible capital both at the strategic and valuation levels.
  • Yannick defines himself as an engineer in "marketing, design thinking and doing". He is a graduate of the MBA from HEC Paris and Babson Boston.
Architecture & Ergonomy

Jean-François Simon

CTO, founder

  • Jean François has more than 10 years of experience in coding and innovative algorithms.
  • Renowned Symfony 2 and Node.js expert as well as full stack developer, he is particularly attached to the simplified use (UX) and the interoperability of data solutions.
  • Jean François is a graduate of CNAM Paris (IT engineer).
Security & Performance

Julien Galenski

Lead developer

  • Julien has over 10 years of experience as lead developer in multiple projects working as a full stack asset.
  • He brings a creative approach to problem solving and has also been a PHP Symfony 2 coach and trainer for the past 5 years for Sensiolabs. Autodidact, he can easily switch between different technologies and keep focus to follow the KISS principle.
  • Julien holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology at EPITECH and follows a Master’s Degree in Information Technology at SUPINFO.

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Deecision is a founding member of a FinTech Alliance foreshadowing the consolidation phase of its market segment — a build-up to come.
The launch took place on the occasion of the Paris FinTech Forum 2019.

French Fintech Alliance initiative aims 5 goals, and shared benefits for our market, for FinTech and our Investors.

To propose a hub of seamless solutions to pilot dynamically customer activities dedicated to private banking, wealth & asset management and insurance.

To gather every relevant service / solution/ brick that enhances and accelerates digital transformation

To accelerate our own growth through resource pooling : including R&D.

To access a higher level of funding and enable better capital efficiency.

To ensure better sovereignty of data : WealthCOckpit is a French / European platform.