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Reveals Data & Network Intelligence

Augmented Intelligent Due-Diligence Platforms
For Augmented Deal-Making

Deecision: New Deal in Due-Diligence

In a fast-moving environment, banks, financial institutions, or insurance companies have to continually and rigorously assess their decisions before entering transactional relationships with their stakeholders (Customers as Business Partners). DEECISION's Augmented Intelligent Due-Diligence effectively reconciles compliance, ESG and business performance to foster informed, secure and balanced decision-making.

Augmented Life Cycle Management platform through Augmented Intelligent Data: From Customer and Target Origination to Due-Diligence Management.

Compliance & Business Performance reconciled:

Elevating Customer Knowledge beyond KYC.


Augmented data for sharper decision-making and actions: Prioritization is key.


Seamless integration with existing IT and other systems:

Start working immediately.


Dynamic & exclusive KPIs: Tailored indicators driving decision-making excellence.

September 2023: New Solutions and Features, new KPIs


KYCE - Know Your Customer Ecosystem: provides a dual assessment of compliance and the potential level of a customer or prospect's network ecosystem.
CONFEEDENZproprietary algorithm that assesses the completeness and accuracy of information in order to make it
actionable and auditable. 

ASAPP - Augmented Segmentation Audit Potential & Piloting: delivers a quick audit of a customer or prospect portfolio, revealing both direct and indirect potential, complete with a native compliance rating.
ESG Collection - Combines ESG Data Collection with Built-in Assessment: 
Enables teams to concentrate their efforts more efficiently, mitigating fatigue and allocating resources towards tasks of greater value.

Customer & Business Due-Diligence

#FinTech #WealthTech #RegTech #AMTech #Ai #KYC #DueDiligence #Compliance 

Our Core

“Reconciling and integrating system components into a holistic vision for enhanced efficiency: ELIMINATING DATA AND PEOPLE SILOS.”

Security &

Ensuring security and privacy remains a paramount concern, particularly within our field of operations.

Our infrastructure facilitates secure communication between your private network and our cloud services (SAAS & PAAS), all while safeguarding users through SSL protection. Importantly, we do not have any access to customer data.

Furthermore, all shared data undergoes anonymization, underscoring our commitment to privacy.

Compliance &
Business Performance

Native business compliance is here!

With VEEGILENZ, our proprietary and user-friendly dynamic indicator, create automated and continually updated compliance reports.

We integrate data from suppliers and regulators to provide you with a dynamic vision of your customers and prospects, all while minimizing the need for manual data input.

Unique dynamic output: thanks to our algorithms, information from different sources (official, credible, noise) is searched, repaired and evaluated. Our technology also detects weak signals, allowing your team to engage with customers or enterprises in the most relevant way.

The best part? You must no longer choose between Compliance and Business Performance: they are reconciled.

Desiloization &

We know that collaboration thrives when individuals are engaged and connected to relevant, interconnected information.

By leveraging a project management platform that features enhanced shared dashboards, real-time alerts, notifications, and indicators, we empower teams to effortlessly exchange vital client and business information, thereby promoting informed decision-making.

Agnostic Architecture &
Native APIsation

Deecision engineers have achieved a significant breakthrough in IT architecture, seamlessly integrating all essential and pertinent information and data resources required for a comprehensive 360° view of businesses or individuals (while maintaining GDPR compliance).

Our solutions operate as an API, seamlessly interfacing with existing systems, including CRM and workflow platforms.

Less Biased Decisions &
More Relevant Actions

Relevant inputs drive relevant outputs. Deecison's platforms are engineered to embody Intelligent-Diligence, where well-crafted models streamline proficient decision-making through efficient collaboration.

Enhanced decision-making emerges as individuals collaboratively share pertinent content within a purpose-built framework, adeptly navigating contradictions and uncertainties.

Deecision’s work is inspired by Nobel Prize laureate Daniel Kahneman. (Reading his books "Thinking, Fast and Slow" and "Noise" should be mandatory for any decision maker!)

Holistic Vision &
Increased Efficiency

Acknowledging that a company operates as an interconnected system, we consider processes holistically. And we know that effective decision-making necessitates well-defined and current indexes and KPIs.

We firmly endorse the significance of both profitability and service excellence. Therefore, we act as a powerful facilitator, providing an easily implementable mechanism for reengineering the customer relationship process: making it more streamlined, robust, expedient, and precise!

Acceleration &

To harness the benefits of your competitive edge, it's essential to boost the acquisition of coherent information through the automation of resource-intensive tasks — an area where we excel! We process integrated layers of information from external and evaluated sources to augment your data. By reducing the time spent on manual data entry, we accelerate your workflows, allowing your team to focus on their core business activities.

Augmented Intelligence &

The initial and direct result of Intelligent Dynamic Data Augmentation is to reveal hidden information and insights, thereby enhancing the precision of both strategic and operational decision-making. The subsequent result entails empowering and nurturing the capabilities of established AI technologies to facilitate the recognition of patterns and information.

Core principles

DNA Deecision® is a collaborative platform integrating interoperable component modules that improve and guide decision-making across all phases of the customer lifecycle. It provides the first milestone for relevant decision-making: assessed relevant content.

DNA reveals a complete 360° view of customers or prospects, encompassing their entire current and past network, compliance records, financial data, and more – all GDPR compliant.

Acknowledging that effective decision-making relies on clear and distinct benchmarks, DNA generates exclusive and proprietary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including:

  1. VEEGILENZ®: Global risk assessment through compliance ratings

  2. WEASSE®: High-precision wealth assessment

  3. PREDEECT®: Dynamic AI predictions for customers’ cash-out events

  4. Upsell: Identifies potential upselling opportunities of your customers

  5. PROXIMITEE®: Visualizes the intensity and strength of relationships within your clients’ network

  6. DEEMAZE®: Automated valuation assessment engine for Private Equity

  7. KYP: Know Your Prospects from the start.

  8. KYCE - Know Your Customer Network: Know Your Customer Network: automated assessment of compliance and business potential within the customer's network.

  9. CONFEEDENZ: Natively assessed data in order to determine its confidence level depending on its origin : key for relevant decision- making.

Deeligenz® is an Augmented Intelligent Due-Diligence Lifecycle Management platform that increases efficiency and reduces operational and regulatory risks.

Deeligenz® is your solution to :

  • Generate structured and secure evaluations of business partners, such as fund managers

  • Reconcile compliance and ESG considerations with business performance

  • Automate labor-intensive tasks

  • Increase collaboration among analysis teams

  • Streamline audit procedures and reporting obligations

Our platforms

Use cases

Use cases

Decide what your current business objective is: upselling, prospecting, preparing your next commercial forecast

Enter customer data and select your preferred options: DEECISION will start by generating an analytical grid. Following that, we will provide structured data and decision-making KPIs, including potential, probability, compliance, and risk assessments. You will receive a detailed report to share with your teams, and we will establish an automated process along with a dashboard to streamline your operations.

This is dynamic data-driven strategy transformed into an operational blueprint.


PREDEECT® technology

Optimize your resource allocation when the probability of your client's cash-out is at its highest with our exclusive AI-based prediction module: PREDEECT.


DEETECT® technology

Explore your clients'network to find new prospects or pinpoint specific targets effortelessly.

DNA provides valuable insights, guiding you toward the most effective pathways and topics for successful engagement.

Comes with an exclusive KPI known as PROXIMITEE, along with dual KYCE (Know Your Customer Ecosystem) KPIs that assess both compliance and business potential.

PROXIMITEE® technology


DEETECT® technology

A powerful solution that offers a new perspective on your customer segmentation: Reveal emerging opportunities and identify compliance risks within your portfolio.

Instantly visualize a parametric matrix that helps you devise a strategic plan to engage customers in a relevant manner, precisely when the timing is optimal, leveraging the right level of expertise from your resources.

Our comprehensive offering features an exclusive Audit-Assessment-Enrichment process to enhance your current segmentation efforts, streamlined through our specialized ASAPP module: Augmented Segmentation Audit Potential & Piloting.

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DEETECT® technology

DEETECT calculates the upsell potential for all your customers, going beyond current assets under management.

Incorporates two additional assessment dimensions: compliance rating and relevance level.

The dynamic calculations include cash-out predictions powered by our AI engine, PREDEECT.

This comprehensive approach provides valuable insights for optimizing your upselling strategies.


DEELIGENZ® technology

Revolutionize and expedite your Due-Diligence workflow with DEELIGENZ's automated dashboards, real-time reports, user-friendly interfaces, and robust collaborative tools. DEELIGENZ's versatile engine extends beyond its typical use in M&A within Investment Banking.

DEELIGENZ marks a paradigm shift in Due-Diligence, offering a broader, deeper, and more precise, continuous approach.

Essential for high-stakes transactions, it provides Operational and Management Due-Diligence for Asset Management, as well as Customer Due-Diligence for Wealth Management, Private Banking, and Insurance companies.

Meet The Team

Yannick R Grelot (2).jpg

Yannick R. GRELOT

President -CEO founder

"Turning data into relevant KPIs to build relevant decision-making processes."

photo JN Gadreau Net blanc 2023.jpg


Chief Technical & Architect Officer

"Data is beautiful"

Matthieu Lachenait 2023 NB.jpg

Matthieu Lachenait

Head & Leader of Front-End Platform

"A great app starts with optimisation"


Hamza El Meknassi

Head of Back-End Platform

"Creating value, together"


Request a demo and discover how augmented intelligent due-diligence can revolutionize your decision-making processes and business development.

Our locations in France: 

3, avenue Hoche - 75008 Paris

39, rue de la Charité - 69002 Lyon

425, route Signal - 38750 Alpe d'Huez

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Deecision is a founding member of a FinTech Alliance foreshadowing the consolidation phase of its market.

Its official launch took place during the Paris FinTech Forum in 2019.

The French Fintech Alliance initiative has set five key objectives, aiming to deliver mutual advantages for our market, FinTech sector, and our investors:

Establishing a centralized hub of integrated solutions to dynamically manage customer activities in private banking, wealth management, and insurance.

Bringing together all pertinent services, solutions, and components that bolster and expedite digital transformation.

Accelerating our own expansion by consolidating resources, including research and development (R&D).

Securing increased funding opportunities and enhancing capital efficiency.

Safeguarding data sovereignty, emphasizing that Wealth Cockpit is a platform of French and European origin.

Wealth COckpit
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