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Reveals Data & Network Intelligence

Augmented Intelligent Platforms for Due-Diligence & Customer Management

 Augmented Life Cycle Management through Augmented Intelligent Data :
From Customer/Target origination to Due-Diligence Management.

Compliance & Business performance reconciled: Customer Knowledge beyond KYC
 Augmented data for sharper decision-making & Actions: Prioritizing is key 
 Easy-to-plug solutions to existing IT & Others: Begin to work ASAP!
 Dynamic & Exclusive KPIs: Bespoke crystal clear indicators to drive decision-making.

New KPI: KYCE - Know Your Customer Ecosystem- Dual assessment of compliance & potential level of a customer or prospect.

Provides to teams High Level of Attention - less fatigue & sharper resources dedication

Customer & Business Due-Diligence

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Our Core


"Reconciling system parts in a holistic vision for increased efficiency :


for data & people"

Security &

Security and privacy are always sensitive matters, even more in our line of work.

Our infrastructures can manage secure communication between your private network and our cloud services (SAAS & PAAS) while the user client is protected by SSL.

We have no access to customer data.

We anonymize all shared data.

Compliance &
Business Performance

Compliance Native Business is now ! Experience a user friendly exploration of our compliance automated report - with our proprietary VEEGILENZ dynamic indicator.

We are interfaced with data from providers and regulators to deliver a dynamic vision with reduced manual input.

Unique dynamic output : Thanks to our algorithms, information is sourced, repaired and assessed, through different layouts (Official, Credible, Noise): It detects weak signals for team to engage customer/business with relevancy.

Desiloization &

​We know that people collaborate when they are committed and bonded with relevant and interconnected contents.

With ​project management mode supported by dashboards, ​dynamic alerts, notifications, shared flags and remarks, we allow teams to easily share customer-business focused information, decision..., .

Agnostic Architecture &
Native APIsation

Deecision engineers developed a breakthrough in IT architecture to gather every relevant information/data resources required for a 360° vision of a business, a person (GDPR compliantwise obviously)...It also means that our solutions are a "API" themself in order to connect with existing system (i.e CRM, workflow...)

Less Biased Decisions &
More Relevant Actions

As relevant inputs matter for relevant output. Deecison's platforms are built for Intelligent- Diligence: relevant patterns designed for efficient decision making through efficient collaboration.

People make better decision-making because they share relevant content gathered in a framework built for efficient collaboration, contradiction and uncertainty management.

Deecision works are inspired by Nobel prized Daniel Kahneman.(Reading his book "thinking fast and slow" should be mandatory for any decision-makers!)

Holistic Vision &
Increased Efficiency

We consider processes in a holistic way: a firm is a system where everything is connected. We know that a relevant decision-making process requires to have up-to-date clear index and KPIs. 

We believe profitability and quality of services are key. For this reason, we are a strong enabler as easy-to-implement factor of re-engineering the customer relationship process : easier, stronger, faster, sharper !

Acceleration &

To get your edge, you need to accelerate the acquisition of coherent information through the provision of automation for heavy-duty tasks : one of our strongest reason-why !

We process consolidated layers of externally sourced and assessed information to augment your data.

We reduce manual input time to accelerate your process and help your team to focus on their core business.

Augmented Intelligence &

The first and immediate outcome of Intelligent Dynamic Data Augmentation is to reveal hidden insights to sharpen strategic as operational decision-making. The second one is to enable and foster the capability of existing AI technologies, to prepare the unveiling of patterns and information.


DNA Deecision® is a seamless collaborative platform with 4 interoperable components that enrich and drive decision-making at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

DNA reveals you a comprehensive 360° view of a client or a prospect, including his full network actual and past one, the compliance report, financial data and more - GDPR compliant.

As relevant decision-making comes with clear indicators, DNA generates native & exclusive KPIs:

  1. VEEGILENZ®: Global risk from compliance rating

  2. WEASSE®: High precision wealth assessment

  3. PREDEECT®: Dynamic Ai Prediction for cash-out

  4. Upsell : Detects potential of Upsell of your customer

  5. PROXIMITEE®:Visualize Intensity and strength of the relationship

  6. DEEMAZE®:Automated engine for valuation assessment of private equity

  7. KYP - Know Your Prospect at early stage.

  8. KYCE - Know Your Customer Network - automated compliance & business potential inside the customer's network.

Deeligenz® is a platform for collaborative intelligent Due-Diligence that increases efficiency and reduces operational and regulatory risk.

Deeligenz® is your solution to :

  • Structure & Secure analysis of external investment managers

  • Reconcile KYC & business performance

  • Automate heavy-duty tasks

  • Increase collaboration of analysis teams

  • Ease auditing & reporting

Our platforms


Use cases

Decide what are your business goal of the moment: upsell, prospect, prepare your next business forecast...

Enter cutomer data & choose the option: DEECISION will first provide you analytic grid then attached structured data and decision-making KPIs with potential, probability, compliance & risk assessment report and detailed information to be shared with teams and will provide a process & automated dashboard.

That's Dynamic Data Driven Strategy turned into operational scheme. 



Mobilize your resources when probability of cash-out is at its peak with our exclusive IA driven prediction module - PREDEECT.



Explore the network of your clients to find new prospects or determine a target : DNA gives you the best path and topics to reach them  - Exclusive KPI PROXIMITEE;& provides exclusive dual KYN -Know Your Network kpi - compliance & business potential level




Powerful tool to re-design customer segmentation: DNA Deetect.

Visualize instantaneity a parametric matrix that help to determine action-plan to engage a customer with relevancy at the right timing, with the right level and expertise of your resources.

Subtitle to change



DEETECT calculates potential of upsell of all your customers ?

In addition, 2 others dimensions of assesment beyond Asset Under Management - level of compliance rating and its level of relevancy.

Dynamic calculation includes prediction of cash-out : our Ai engine PREDEECT.



Deeligenz® accelerates your due- diligence workflow with automated dashboard and on-going report, user-friendly interface & powerful collaborative tools.

Meet The Team

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Yannick R. GRELOT

President -CEO founder

"Turning data into relevant KPI to build relevant decision-making process" 

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Raphael THIRIET 


"Thinking about Decision-making in coding is thinking about short, mid and long term permanently "

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General Manager & Research Officer

"Blue Ocean Engineer Finder"

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Chief Architect


"Data is beautiful"

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Chief Research &

Platform Officier

"Revealing data' hidden senses"


Matthieu L

UI-UX Expert Lead

"Finding the way by design"

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Etienne S

UI-UX Expert 

"Let's make it meaningful"


Chief Platform Officer

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"Data is beautiful"


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Deecision is a founding member of a FinTech Alliance foreshadowing the consolidation phase of its market segment - a build-up to come.

The launch took place on the occasion of the Paris FinTech Forum 2019.

French Fintech Alliance initiative aims 5 goals, and shared benefits for our market, for FinTech and our Investors.

To propose a hub of seamless solutions to pilot dynamically customer activities dedicated to private banking, wealth & asset management and insurance.

To gather every relevant service / solution/ brick that enhances and accelerates digital transformation

To accelerate our own growth through resource pooling : including R&D.

To access a higher level of funding and enable better capital efficiency.

To ensure better sovereignty of data : WealthCOckpit is a French / European platform.