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For Private Banking, Wealth management, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance

Compliance & Business Performance reconciled

Leverage profitability & Quality of services

Adaptable architecture

Our agnostic architecture functions like an API, enabling seamless interfacing of our platform with any system.

We connect your data sources to reconcile and consolidate your data entities in a centralized and meaningful way.

Our solution is so agile that connecting your system gives you the impression it has been tailor-made to precisely fit your unique requirements and needs.

Components workflow

A seamless collaborative platform with 4 interoperable components that enriches and drives decision-making at the 4 main stages of the customer lifecycle.

APIs Regulator
APIs Data Provider

Validation of prospect considering compliance risk MIFID2 / AML-TF / OFAC

Customer automated review of compliance risk level evolution

Risk Indicator

Compliance Report

Customer Data Input
APIs Data Provider
Reveals potential beyond AUM
3D exclusive Segmentation: 
Potential X Compliance X Opposabilty
Augmented Customer Dynamic Knowledge

Automated segmentation of an existing customer base

Segmentation Matrix

Enhanced Data Export

Input an excel with customer data
Customer data input
APIs data provider

In-depth analysis through qualitative and quantitative indicators

Predictive alerts & automatic CRM update
Proprietary decision-making indicators 
Full 360° dynamic customer vision

Indicators &


Enhanced data export

Input an excel with client data
 Customer Data & Project Team Input
APIs Data Provider

Collaborative management for prospects and customers

Automated dashboards for operational, management and CEO level
Collaborative project mode & automated alerts
Automated total cost of ownership (TCO) calculation

Native KPIs &

Collaborative Mode


Operational benefits

Compliance & Business Performance reconciled

Early stage automated KYP and KYC

Identify new clients and their potential

Portfolio segmentation with specific built-in indicators

Automate time-consuming tasks

Profiling, client reviews and clustering

Incorporates predictive elements

Enhance and structure collaboration

Between different teams within an organization

Between segments within a banking/financial group

Strategic benefits

Ensure the security and transfer of customer knowledge from the banker to the bank

DNA transforms intangible assets into tangible AUMs

GDPR becomes an opportunity

Manage the allocation of quantitative and qualitative resources

According to client potential (beyond AUM)

Facilitate reallocation of client portfolios depending on the expertise of bankers and their turnover

Automated strategic reporting

Aggregation of operational KPIs and data

For all customers and prospects: compliance risks, acquisition cost and estimated NBI


Quantitative KPIs

Indicator of the client portfolio potential
Total estimate, by segment and customer

Call To Action - For business development: how to balance efforts between inside and outside the customer portfolio.

Display: CEO and manager dashboards.

Recruitment potential by cooptation ®
1 customer = x close and relevant prospects

Call To Action: Evaluation of the customer's network: how many leads from my customer ?

Induced index:  The cooptation index, linked to the satisfaction index.

Total cost of ownership — TCO
Based on net worth valuation and proximity

Call To Action: What is the appropriate spending based on the collaborative action plan and the estimated potential?

TCO Value: Recruitment cost + management cost.

Qualitative KPIs

Native compliance index: Veegilenz ®
Automated KYP (3)

Call To Action: Risk assessment early in the relationship and construction of predictive models.

Investment indicator
Breakdown of involvement and investment by sector ®

Call To Action: What level of precision in qualitative resources should be allocated to the customer?

Visualization of the heritage chart
Analysis of its extent and complexity

Call To Action: What is the maturity / level in the company and type of expert we assign ?

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